Application Review Criteria

Reviewers will consider information presented in the application, including the business model canvas or presentation deck as uploaded. At their discretion, reviewers may look at company websites, but the website is not an application requirement and companies without a live website will not be penalized. No additional materials will be considered.

  1. Strength and viability of the business opportunity: Does the value proposition appear to be compelling for a large enough market? Does the business have potential to scale?
  2. Strength of product or solution: Is the product sufficiently developed, and does it appear to be innovative and different from other existing solutions? To what degree does the team understand the market and have feedback or evidence to indicate that the solution meets customer needs?
  3. Team’s ability to benefit from GrindSpaceXL and execute on their business plans: Is the team committed to growing the business and making the most of their participation in GSXL? To what extent do the founders have relevant domain expertise or previous experience that will be helpful?
  4. Overall impression: There may be elements unique to the business that are not covered by the other criteria. This is also an opportunity for reviewers to award points for a particularly compelling or well presented application.